For businesses to win in the experience economy, they must build the capabilities that enable them to fuel dynamic experiences with inspiring content.

Given the proliferation of channels and the increasing sophistication of personalisation, this might mean managing hundreds of thousands of assets at any one time to fulfil the extraordinary burden that this puts on content delivery. Speed is of the essence but ensuring quality and consistency is an almost impossible task given the number of partners, markets and regions that can be involved.

What if we could train artificial intelligence to be part of your team and do some of the heavy lifting for you?

Introducing Brand Guardian

WPP Open Brand Guardian, created by Wunderman Thompson, is an AI driven platform that gives marketing, creative and production teams total content quality assurance at scale. With Brand Guardian on your team, your content and assets will be liquid, consistent, compliant and inclusive.

WPP Open Brand Guardian, created by Wunderman Thompson

How does it work?

Brand Guardian simply plugs into your existing production process. It’s an AI-driven platform that you can connect with your current toolset and scale across all partners and brands globally. It reviews your assets – images, video and text - and provides valuable insights in minutes.

Delivering results

Brand Guardian has shown that it saves teams up to 50% effort, compared to a manual process. And by removing approval bottlenecks, it means that teams can create assets 20% faster.

Leading brands are now realising the power of Brand Guardian, putting it to the test across their content supply chain. As the solution assumes a wider range of repetitive or mundane tasks, it delivers major efficiencies, freeing up teams to focus more on inspiring creativity or strategic work.


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