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At Wunderman Thompson we exist to inspire growth for ambitious brands. Part agency, part consultancy and part technology company, our experts provide end-to-end capabilities at a global scale to deliver inspiration across the entire brand and customer experience.

Wunderman Thompson Brazil believes in creativity bravery and a people-focused approach, a union that brings together branding, communication, relationships and performance around a vision that really does place consumers at the center.

Driven by creativity and inspired by data? This is your place. Send your CV and join us!

Our Work


Coca-Cola inspires a new generation

‘Open For Better’ campaign features new packaging to create positive messages and share them with the world
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drawing of a woman drinking a Coke

This Is My Color

Avon steps up the fight against racism
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The Mantra

A film made of sweat to launch the new Avon long-lasting makeup line
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Frames divulgacao Mantra Vitoria1
Coalizão Negra por Direitos

Genocide Targets

Using data to prove that black people are targets in Brazil
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Genocidetargets thumbs 0009 Layer Comp 10

#MakeVajayOkay #PPKSEMTABU

There are more than 4k terms used to name a vagina (including vajay). Naming is not the issue; the issue is not talking about it.
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Site wt ppksemtabu

Hidden Fridges for Amstel

To get into the party at Brazilian carnival, we did what everyone else did – put on a costume.
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Site wt hiddenfridges1
United Nations

Inertia City

Short film raises awareness of UN’s Global Goal for sustainable cities
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traffic jam



The Future 100: 2021

Trends Shaping Culture and Economies
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Futuristic eye with white and purple color scheme

Wunderman Thompson cracks the code of inspiration

New global brand study proves strong correlation between inspiration and brand growth
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Inspire Index key art with lens

Manual Agência Sem Racismo

A WT Brasil deixou o lugar de fala para quem entende do assunto criar o Manual Agência sem Racismo.
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Capa Manual Agência Sem Racismo, fundo cinza com letras azuis


In The Press

“Agency reputation goes beyond creativity and efficiency”

For Keka Morelle, CCO of WT Brazil, it is necessary to take into account indices of diversity, satisfaction of talents and impact of actions on society.
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profile picture of Keka Morelle
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Avon no Dia da Mulher do BBB

Avon celebra o Dia com uma ação especial no BBB21, criada pela WT Brasil, compartilhando histórias de mulheres inspiradoras na vida dos participantes
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Avon BBB
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Bem-vinda, Ângela

A WT acaba de lançar a campanha “Bem-vinda, Ângela”, criada para o Instituto Avon, que dá vida ao bot Ângela
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Bem vinda Ângela
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Wunderman Thompson wins two awards at Effie Latam 2020

The #HereToStay campaign, by WT and Mutato for Avon, received Gold and “Choose to age well with Nutren Senior”, created for Nutren Senior, received silver
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