Digital experiences have the power to make or break relationships with customers, yet delivering them has never been more of a challenge for businesses.

In this report, created in collaboration with our technology partner, Sitecore, we examine the challenges faced by brands as they strive to keep up with the insatiable desire for content in today’s experience economy. We surveyed 580 IT and marketing decision-makers to find out how they are collaborating to build better experiences.

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We discovered that many of the pain points for IT and Marketing decision-makers alike sit within the broader content and asset management ecosystem. Our research confirms that investment in technology is not a panacea and that organisations are struggling with issues such as siloed ways of working, workflows, governance and unfit processes.

The report plugs into industry experts for insights and advice on:

  • How content and asset management hubs are evolving to meet business needs
  • How organisations should seek to bridge the Marketing / IT divide for better outcomes
  • How the right tooling and enablement can improve collaboration
  • How AI and machine learning can transform the process
  • Why a consistent taxonomy and robust metadata are essential to experience management

And much, much more...

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