The Future Shopper Report 2022 uncovers what consumers want from their digital shopping experience and how and what retailers and brands must deliver to win online.

With online consumers in the 18 countries surveyed confirming 50%+ of their spend is now online, is your business ready?

The report will help businesses understand consumer shopping habits and how the market is developing. Assimilating and implementing the findings should form a vital part of your business’s online planning and strategy.

Presenting the views of 31,000+ consumers across 18 international markets, discover new channels, technologies and how to sell more online, and start delivering the future of commerce, today!

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WTC The Future Shopper 2022 Highlights

Consumer behavior has changed

Global consumer shopping habits have changed over the last few years, accelerated by the pandemic. We look at some of these changes, quantifying them where possible.

The data is based on the survey results from Germany.

The global customer journey

The global customer journey is rarely linear, so we’ve simplified it into 3 parts - inspiration, search and purchase – to assist you in targeting consumers at keys stages in their shopping journey.

Getting the experience right

We dive deep into 18 international markets to unpack what consumers truly want. Results of the German survey.

Where are consumers buying?

Sure, consumers demand ease and convenience, but what, where and how are they buying? And where are their pain-points? Results of the German survey.

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