Learn from historical content, inform future content.

Gain meaningful insights into content performance and engagement among decision-makers and influencers in B2B and consumer target audiences.

Introducing Loom

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Loom is our content intelligence solution that uses unified audience, content, and performance data to answer critical questions that will sharpen your content planning and strategy.

How it works

We extract data from various global platforms, at scale, and use cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing to translate text, images, and audio into meaningful themes and topics to generate content insights. This helps you to understand your audiences and what they care about and engage with, so that you can talk to their specific needs and interests.

Build out your B2B content strategy with confidence and clear direction with Loom B2B.

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Loom B2B, our product built around the LinkedIn Audience Engagement API, the richest source of B2B audience behavior insights globally, equips you with engagement insights among business leaders and professionals, at scale. This allows you to build out your B2B content strategy with confidence and clear direction.

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Understand where strategic opportunities for content growth exists with Loom 360.

A Loom 360 content audit gathers data and insights from various platforms, giving you the most comprehensive view of your digital estate and how your audience engages with your content, as well as other content sources on web-based and social platforms, allowing you to understand where strategic opportunities for content growth exist.

Understanding and reaching audiences that are helping shape big societal conversations is difficult to do at scale with traditional social listening tools. However, working with the Loom solution, we were able to undercover key insights on how professionals engaged with key topics important to our clients industry, and understand their profile to apply to targeting within LinkedIn and beyond.

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Loom Case Studies

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We used Loom in conjunction with a major social media platform’s data to analyze the mood of business decision-makers during the Covid-19 crisis. We mapped their emotional journey over time to understand patterns and changes in their state of mind, sentiment, attitudes, and concerns around the business impact that the virus was having.

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We ran a complete Loom 360 content audit for a major computer technology company. We used state of the art natural language processing to analyze hundreds of the company’s PDFs, thousands of videos, as well as website content to understand all of the content they had available across their eco-system. We compared this with competitors to see what their audience was engaging with and then delivered performance optimization opportunities and a set of whitespace opportunities across various content pillars, as well as content format recommendations and an always-on dashboard that enables the company to analyze their content performance.

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