The Data Learnership Academy invests in South African community members by equipping them with rare skills in the marketing and tech domains.

We believe in growing digital marketing talent and investing in the development of specialized technical skills. We encourage proactivity, curiosity, and dedication to ongoing learning.

As an agency, we specialize in helping clients get the most out of their digital marketing technology platforms through a solid data structure and impeccable implementation, so we require a team of individuals with a deep understanding of how technology is built and how marketing is planned and executed. These are rare skills.

Traditional fields of study often prepare young professionals for a technical role, creative role, business role, or a numbers role – seldom a combination of all of these.

In South Africa, we identified the opportunity to invest in local community members by equipping them with this invaluable skillset through The Data Learnership Academy.

Via the academy, we employ candidates for a year-long learnership. They also receive off-site training through an accredited institution and earn an NQF certificate by successfully completing the program. The curriculum leverages:

  • Customized classroom-based theory
  • Leading online learning platforms
  • Job shadowing
  • Real-world work experience
  • Exposure to guest speakers at the top of the industry, across product verticals and services

Candidates gain first-hand experience working with the following Wunderman Thompson partners:

The global Wunderman Thompson team offers support by acting as teachers, mentors, and speakers.

Our goal for our graduates is to gain the confidence to interact with enterprise level clients and deliver work at a global standard.

The Data Learnership Academy works together with:

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