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Transform brings together a carefully curated mix of icons, experts, practitioners and provocateurs to inspire, share thoughts and ideas or hacks. It's a conversation about the future, where everything can change in a snap.

Re-shaping business with a combination of creativity and technology. AI, AR, VR, use cases, best practices from all over the world and much more.

Join us @ WPP Campus in Prague on October 4 from 2 PM

Speakers & Lineup

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Jiří Malý

Chief Technology Officer at Wunderman Thompson Prague

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Tomáš Nádr

Co-founder at Punctum Images

Wt trsfrm banner 415x250px portret GORDANA

Gordana Šíma

Global Client and Growth Officer at Wunderman Thompson Prague

Wt trsfrm banner 415x250px portret CARMEL

Jason Carmel

Global Creative Data Lead at Wunderman Thompson Seattle

Wt trsfrm banner 415x250px portret GREGG

Gregg Harper

Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Prague

Wt trsfrm banner 415x250px portret PAZIK

Adam Pazik

Director Cloud Native Services at Adobe

Wt trsfrm banner 415x250px portret TOMAS

Tomáš Lojka

Group Business Director at Wunderman Thompson Prague


Please be sure to arrive early so you can enjoy welcome drink, refreshments, and great views overlooking the Vltava river

A powerful new form of artificial intelligence has burst onto the scene and captured the public’s imagination in recent months: text-to-image AI. Are you prepared for the consequences?

Jiří Malý, Chief Technology Officer, Wunderman Thompson Prague
Gregg Harper, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Prague

The proliferation of channels and the increasing sophistication of personalization leads to managing hundreds of thousands of assets at any one time. Speed is of the essence but ensuring quality and consistency is an almost impossible task. Introducing Brand Guardian, an AI driven platform that gives marketing, creative and production teams total content quality assurance at scale.

Tomáš Lojka, Group Business Director, Wunderman Thompson Prague

By joining fine arts with new technologies, Punctum Images brings visual creations to a whole new experience. From photorealistic still visuals to motion pictures. Unlimited in customizations, seamless in functionality and beautiful to look at. Discover how world-class computer-generated imagery (CGI) works in digital marketing of Škoda Auto, Volkswagen or BMW.

Tomáš Nádr, Co-founder, Punctum Images

Get coffee, get snacks, make connections and talk with your peers

In a world filled with color, how do you find the one? ‘Speaking in Color’, is an AI, voice-controlled tool that produces colors based on human inspiration. For example, “the French Riviera at sunset, with champagne”, and fine-tune it to custom color palate (“darker blue”, “moodier”, or “a sliver of sun”) to find the hue that fits the vision.

🏆 Creative B2B Grand Prix at Cannes Lions winner

Jason Carmel, Global Creative Data Lead, Wunderman Thompson Seattle

Consumers immersed in the digital world are now more in control than ever. How connect to all of them, whoever, wherever, whenever, and however they are? We’ve entered the era of audience-driven advertising and building creative in real time through a combination of variables powered by rules and logic.

Gordana Sima Grbic, Global Client and Growth Officer, Wunderman Thompson Prague

Brands need to tell their story everywhere and as digital evolves marketing and IT teams are pulled closer together to create and deliver personalized experiences for their customers

Adam Pazik, Director Cloud Native Services at Adobe

Let's meet on our wonderful terrace with great views overlooking the Vltava river for an inspiring afternoon of talks about re-shaping business with a combination of creativity and technology

Be there! Let's meet for an inspiring afternoon and delve deeper into the creative journey and the technology behind it. All you have to do is to sign up.

See you on October 4 on the WPP Campus in Prague

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