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Join us in celebrating our contribution to this year’s festival of creativity

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the pinnacle of recognition for our industry and the work featured here, from our teams around the world, are shining examples of inspiration and the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, planet, clients and communities.

We are very proud and excited to showcase a selection of Wunderman Thompson’s 2020/2021 Cannes submissions leading up to the Lions Festival. We’ll be adding work each week so be sure to check back for some weekly inspiration.

We hope you enjoy these projects and would like thank all the those teams whose work and creativity is featured in this series.

Inspiring creativity

Stay Home Miles Exchange

Thai Airways
Wunderman Thompson Thailand

During the pandemic, Thai Airways wanted to do its part to help prevent the spread of the virus and also find a way to keep customers engaged while planes were grounded. The brilliant Stay Home Earn Miles campaign from Wunderman Thompson Thailand gave people free miles not to fly, with an app that used geolocation to track users staying close to home during lockdown. By enabling people to collect mileage points to use after the crisis, our Bangkok team connected the excitement of planning a trip with the hope that future travel was not far away.

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Thai Airlines hero image showing mobile phone with Thai Airlines App

The Great Break

Wunderman Thompson Spain

KitKat’s unique voice is inspired by its well-known positioning as the perfect break from stress, fatigue and limited time, a way to fight routine and enjoy the little pleasures of life. After taking a closer look at the product, we realized the three cookie layers inside every KitKat are very similar to a three-floor building – so we decided to play with that structure, adding a powerful visual idea of the “break” layer as a break away from the office to disengage for a moment and come back refreshed.

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Wunderman Thompson Belgium

Technology is great, but it has side effects, like screen addiction, sextortion and cyberbullying. One in three people engage in sexting – and get into trouble when the recipient shares their nudes with others. WT Belgium helped Belgian telco Telenet launch .comdom, a free “digital condom” app that makes sexting safer, using a customized algorithm that turns the information into a unique watermark that covers the entire image, making it impossible for the receiver to share an explicit picture without ruining their own reputation.

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five different .comdom App Frames on mobile phone screens

Degree Inclusive

Wunderman Thompson Argentina

Across the personal care industry, there are currently no deodorant products suitable for people with upper extremity impairment or visual impairment. We're proud of our innovative collaboration with Unilever on Degree Inclusive – the world’s first inclusive deodorant built with a diverse disability community. A powerful example of how creativity can drive positive societal change, Wunderman Thompson and Unilever hope to inspire the industry to design a world that’s accessible for all.

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Rexona Degree deodorant

Oil Meter

Ingenious, WT Hong Kong

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Motor Cyclist holding an oil cap

Genocide Targets

Coalizão Negra Por Direitos, WT Brazil

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sight disc in black and white

Destination Menu

Thai Airways, WT Thailand

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showing various menus from Thai Airways

Bank on Equality

Scotiabank, WT Peru

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Bank of Equality hero


International Committee of the Red Cross, WT Seattle

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