JBC from Wunderman Antwerp



During the World Cup of 2018, brands were – just like the soccer teams – competing. They all wanted some attention. But how could we stand out without an expensive sponsorship? We decided to solve a problem for all Belgian fans and even help the team to become the next World Cup winners. WE LAUNCHED A FOOTBALL SHIRT THAT SINGS THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Belgium has a very talented soccer team. But to be able to become champions, it would need all the support it could get. Although Belgian fans are very dedicated, there is one moment when they stay very quiet: during the national anthem. This is why Belgian fashion brand JBC launched a “fanshirt” that sings the national anthem. Every shirt hides an audio chip under the Belgian flag. The shirt starts playing the Brabançonne (Belgium’s national anthem) as soon as fans put their hands on their chests. We launched the shirt with the help of a “fanbassador,” a young fan with one mission: spreading the shirt among fans and players.