Tramontina from J. WALTER THOMPSON Brazil



Tramontina is a 100-year-old brand from Brazil and one of the biggest stain less steel cookware manufacturers of the world. Tramontina pans are no longer trendy, so the brand needed a refresh, to inspire people to cook again. Especially young people. We needed to show that a pan is more than just a pan. It’s a world of possibilities. And the way we figured out how to do it was through music and technology. To inspire people to cook, we tapped into a different sense: listening to music. By connecting the world of music to the world of cooking, we were able to reach a large number of Spotify users and music lovers, showing music in a way they’d never imagined before.

To share the many possibilities of cooking, we created a digital experience allowing music fans to discover a different recipe for each of their favorite songs. We transformed these songs from the Spotify platform into flavors. Using the concept of synesthesia, connecting the musical parameters with cooking, we were able to use the best Tramontina pan to cook any recipe.