IRBIN Intelligent Recycle Bin

IRBIN FROM Wunderman Phantasia Lima



Peru generates 23,000 tons of waste every 24 hours. Only 1.9% is recycled; the rest of the trash ends up in landfills, streets, rivers and the ocean.

In a bid to act, in 2018, the Peruvian Congress approved Law #27444, which states that all plastic material must be 80% recycled. However, due to poor waste management, Peru imports 1.2 million tons of plastic waste per month to comply with this law.

In response IRBIN was born, the world’s first social robot using artificial intelligence for recycling.

IRBIN is a robot that separates waste autonomously, generating a trustable source of water separation that promotes an optimal ecosystem for recycling. The process simplifies a complex and inefficient 12-stage recycling process, into five easy steps, connecting in real-time all businesses from collectors to transport to manufacture.