Movistar from Wunderman Buenos Aires



Maria’s message features interactive audio that changes after you place it close to your ear and hear the desperate screams of help that a friend cannot ignore. Maria’s Message aims to help the fight against gender violence and encourages women to truly open up about their abusive situations. Wunderman Buenos Aires and Movistar, a telecommunications company subsidiary of Telefónica Group, created a disruptive voice note: when listened to at normal volume, the conversation seems positive and trivial but when the audio is played with the phone close to the ear, another message is heard – one that tells the story of a woman in a violent situation, asking for help. The message was created in WhatsApp – the most popular app for chatting in Latin America. “Being able to listen to what someone is truly saying is the powerful metaphor behind this idea. We are excited to have created a viral and non-intrusive campaign to help fight against gender violence,” said Dany Minaker and Patan Tarazaga, Wunderman LATAM Chief Creative Officers.