GSK from Wunderman Bogota & Mexico City



The flu puts a huge strain on the Mexican economy – with over 500 deaths in 2018. There was no way to predict the flu, until now. GSK Theraflu tracker, the most accurate predictive model to calculate the risk of flu in real time anywhere in Mexico. Our innovative plan connected GSK’s marketing and media plan to multiple data sources, allowing us in real time to accurately predict and communicate through targeted banners the risk of flu in each of the 32 federal locations of Mexico.

We leveraged data from Mexico’s National Institute of Epidemiology, analyzed the past 8 years of infectious cases and layered in over 50 weather variables from the last 7 years. We included the analysis of key word trends from Google, and geo-located social media activity related to flu symptoms. Our deep learning algorithms predicted where and when flu cases would occur with up to 97% accuracy. Building a database, we customized Theraflu communications in real time which acted like a warning but more importantly as protection at the right moment, at a single click.

With over 250 versions of our ads, and only $200,000 of media, we increased e- commerce sales by 200%. The best way to avoid the flu is by predicating it.