Tommy Hilfiger from POSSIBLE NY



Making the world a more inclusive place, one fashion innovation at a time

Our role as the agency working with Tommy Hilfiger was to help develop, design and co-create an entirely new product range for people with disabilities. Rather than starting with a team of Tommy’s best fashion designers, we created an online community of over 1,500 people with disabilities who helped us design the seven new innovations for the Tommy Adaptive line. With our mantra “nothing about us without us,” our inclusive mission went beyond the product. What good is an accessible product if the people it’s made for can’t shop for it? So, we developed and launched the first Alexa voice skill allowing people to easily sort and shop for clothing based on disability. We also ensured that our advertising, in front of and behind the scenes, stayed true to the mission, hiring a legally blind director, a crew of people with disabilities and caregivers and a cast that represented the full breadth of dressing challenges. Lastly, our advertising was closed-captioned and contained descriptive audio, so our message could be heard and seen by everyone. People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world. Through this inclusive partnership, we gave them something they’ve never had before in the world of fashion: a voice.