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Department: Data & Analytics

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Who we are:

At Wunderman Thompson we exist to inspire growth for ambitious brands. Part creative agency, part consultancy and part technology company, our experts provide end-to-end capabilities at a global scale to deliver inspiration across the entire brand and customer experience.

We are 20,000 strong in 90 markets around the world; our people bring together creative storytelling, diverse perspectives, inclusive thinking, and highly specialized vertical capabilities to drive growth for our clients. We offer deep expertise across the entire customer journey, including communications, commerce, consultancy, CRM, CX, data, production, and technology.

Who we’re looking for:

A smart, inquisitive, self-driven Data Scientist to join our growing data science capability within Wunderman Thompson Data Products. You’ll be part of the Data Science Innovation & Engineering group responsible for building scalable data science solutions that can be used across all of our data business.

As a Data Scientist you will be responsible for contributing to the development of machine learning solutions across all our data assets within Wunderman Thompson Data Products. The approach we take within this department is learn fast, innovate well, requiring you to write efficient code, explore approaches and evaluate techniques against performance. You will have the freedom to contribute to methodology decisions and the responsibility of turning your code into production level solutions that can be rolled out across the business.

We’re looking for someone who is genuinely excited about the field of data science right now, driven by continuous learning, development and contributions to the wider community.

What you’ll do:

  • Create | Understanding the business problem at hand and where value can come from in terms of Machine Learning and data science. Data wrangling, feature engineering, proper treatment of variable types etc.  Methodology selection and testing.  Coding solutions to a production level
  • Collaborate | Contribute to the wider DSML (Data Science and Machine Learning) community across Wunderman Thompson

Who you are:

  • Curious | With an inquisitive mindset you embrace the unknown and see as an opportunity to explore and innovate.
  • Ambitious | Willing to take calculated risks, stretch yourself and your team to do new things vs. plugging into existing solutions.
  • Passionate | You take great pride in your work. You approach our own and our clients’ business challenges with enthusiasm and a commitment to getting it right.  You love working in health.  You see data science as a way of expressing creativity.
  • Humble | Wear any hat that needs to be worn, and you know you do not know everything. You want to learn from others

What you’ll need:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Machine Learning, Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science
  • Three to six years’ experience
  • Strong Applied Machine Learning Experience Including but not limited to:
    • Regression (Logistic/Linear/GLMs/Ridge/Lasso)
    • Tree Based (XGBoost, LightGBM, RF)
    • Clustering (Kmeans/RFM/Hierarchical/HDBSCAN)
  • Some Deep learning experience
    • Neural networks (MLPs, AEs, CNNs, RNNs LSTMs, GANs)
    • Experience in at least one Deep learning framework: Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, MXNet, Gluon
  • Strong Python, SQL
  • Version Control – Git
  • Strong examples of independently developed machine learning pipelines end-to-end, from problem formulation, data pre-processing, feature engineering, model optimization, and deploying models into production.
Technical Requirements (plus)
  • Master’s degree in Machine Learning, Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science
  • Strong NLP Experience:
    • Word2Vec, GloVe, LTSMs, LDA, NER, Probabilistic Language Models
  • Apache Spark
  • IBM Watson Cloud Pack or other cloud machine learning platform
  • Using GPUs/TPUs for accelerating algorithms
  • Apache Spark (Pyspark, Sparklyr or Scala) for scaling algorithms
  • Cloud services experience to implement and scale algorithms
  • Ability to explain model output and ML approaches to non-technical audiences
  • Ability to interpret and communicate insights, build story & visualization from ML model outputs
  • An eagerness to develop exciting data science solutions that will have a tangible impact on the business
  • Hard working and focused
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills
  • Self-sufficien


At Wunderman Thompson, we are committed to actively building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcomed, valued and heard, and is treated with dignity and respect.  As leaders and creative partners across industries, it is our responsibility to cultivate an environment reflective of our greatest asset; our people. We believe that this commitment inspires growth and delivers equitable outcomes for everyone as well as the clients and communities we serve.

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