We are not an island





At a time when the nation is questioning its relationship with the rest of the world, HSBC needed to find a way to break back into the public consciousness.


Though headquartered in a nation on the brink of leaving Europe, HSBC UK remains a bank with an open-looking ethos and a commitment to helping all people, businesses and communities thrive. In 2018, we saw opportunity for HSBC to seize the moment, enter the cultural conversation and argue that connections to the world—not isolation—are what truly makes Great Britain what it is.


With “We are not an island,” we set a new strategic and creative direction for the brand, driving awareness and growth by capturing the social zeitgeist.

The campaign featured bold copy-led executions that championed cities across the UK, with rallying cries for each drawn from local insights. Appearing on TV, OOH, print, social, digital or retail, each celebrates elements of British life that we know and love, but which are also indebted to the nation’s connections to the wider world. Above all, these ads reminded everyone that whatever the political climate, together we are all part of something much bigger.


Since its launch, the campaign has generated a huge amount of buzz on social media, as well as making national and international news headlines. It was even referenced by Radio 4’s “Thought for the Day.”

The campaign is also making concrete contributions to growth, including:

  • 50% increase in account openings

  • Increased brand awareness scores

  • Improved customer recommendation scores