Make every yard count





Cricket is India’s national sport, but not everyone in India perceives Nike as a brand associated with cricket.


We envisioned every field, alley, nook and cranny being turned into cricket pitches by India’s cricket-mad kids. What if we could harness this youthful inventiveness to celebrate our mutual love for the game?


With our one-of-a-kind campaign, “Make every yard count,” we invited young cricket players, via Facebook, Twitter and the web, to take selfies showing where and how they play cricket.

Each image became part of a film that highlighted the lengths kids will go to play the game. We received photos of kids playing on streets, beaches, playgrounds and dirt fields and even among cows. We also sent more than 100 photographers to different cricket fields across India and invited young players to participate in events in every corner of the country. The end result was a pure celebration of the love of the game and the realization that kids will play it anywhere they can.

“Make every yard count” was launched on social media and went live on TV and cinema during a match between India and Australia


The film immediately trended on global media and reached nearly every cricket-crazy kid in India. It produced:

  • 225,000 photos

  • 1,440 kids

  • 108 photographers

  • And even a soundtrack created from kids’ shouts and chants during play