CES is a proving ground for breakthrough technologies and game-changing innovations, and what happens there sets our industry’s agenda for the year ahead.

But it can be overwhelming.

Our CES Recap in the Metaverse zeroes in on the biggest announcements, key themes and latest trends coming out of CES that are going to inspire growth for your business.

Here are our topline takeaways:

Key Trends From CES: Emily Safian-Demers, Editor, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence

  • Despite seismic shifts in the technology landscape, humans will remain at the center of new innovations and breakthrough technologies
  • Every brand is becoming a health brand
  • Super-self tech will improve and regulate our emotional health

Metaverse Meets Office Space: Emma Chiu, Global Director, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence

  • As the metaverse evolves out of the 'hype cycle', companies are putting significant money and effort into making the future of remote work more fun, engaging, collaborative and productive and the metaverse has been instrumental in shaping that experience
  • For Generation Alpha and future generations, virtual work and social environments will be natural and expected
  • The future of the workplace will be forever changed by the metaverse

Trends in Artificial Intelligence Today: Jason Carmel, Global Creative Data Lead, Wunderman Thompson

  • AI has gone mainstream
  • It shows up in places we normally don’t expect and goes beyond the traditional ‘technology’ companies
  • There is opportunity and need for AI-Human interaction skillsets
  • Trust and ethics are on everyone’s mind
  • Experts lean toward optimism – AI is a gamechanger and automation will benefit humanity

The Immersive Future: Reid SantaBarbara, Co-Founder & CEO, Odyssey

  • In 2023, the metaverse will become more associated with web-based 3D experiences and brands will use 3D merchandizing to grow and create new revenue streams
  • Storytelling will play a major role as brands use it to show customers what it feels like to own their product
  • Immersive worlds will inspire more engaging brand experiences and drive new marketing strategies

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If you missed our CES 2023 Recap, you can watch the full video below:

300 WT SES Roundup V1 3


Emily Safian Demers 2

Emily Safian-Demers

Editor, WT Intelligence

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Jason Carmel

Jason Carmel

Global Creative Data Lead, WT

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Emma Chiu

Emma Chiu

Global Director, WT

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Reid Santabarbara

Reid Santabarbara

Co-founder & CEO, Odyssey

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