We’re extremely proud to announce that Degree Inclusive, a revolutionary deodorant created by Wunderman Thompson for Unilever’s Degree Deodorant brand, has won the Innovation Grand Prix at the 2021 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – the only Grand Prix to be awarded in the Innovation Category.

The pioneering product is developed to make the deodorant application process accessible to everyone, allowing people with visual impairment and upper limb impairments to move and sweat with confidence. Although 20% of Americans have disabilities, most products and experiences – including deodorants – are still not designed with this community in mind.

I’m inspired by our cross-cultural teams and purpose-driven work for Unilever with Degree Inclusive and hope that others will be encouraged to follow suit like we’ve done with this innovative campaign. It's impactful work that sits at the heart of our business, and we’re proud to help drive the conversation around inclusivity and inspire change across the industry.

Mel Edwards

Global CEO, Wunderman Thompson

A collaboration between Unilever’s Degree Deodorant (also known as Rexona and Sure), Wunderman Thompson and the disabled community, Degree Inclusive was co-developed by a cross-discipline team at Wunderman Thompson, led by disabled designer Christina Mallon, Disability consultants Keah Brown, Kiesha Greaves, Lissa Loe, Natalie Trevonne and Argentine Disabled Influencers, alongside the award-winning international design studio, SOUR.

Equipped with a slew of revolutionary features including a unique hook design for one-handed use, It marks the start of an inclusive design revolution across the beauty and personal care industry as other brands take note. Globally, this innovation is a rallying cry to every sector to start making products and experiences for a fairer and more inclusive world.

While many of the world's brightest minds are pushing the boundaries of Augmented and Virtual Reality, cryptocurrency and computing speeds, it's remarkable that until recently no one has thought to focus on things that really matter, like the quality of life of people with disabilities. I'm relieved and proud that we have now turned a corner and started to make progress towards creating products that are life-enhancing to so many.

Christina Mallon

Global Head of Inclusive Design, Wunderman Thompson

The team at Wunderman Thompson Argentina – who originally came up with the idea of developing an inclusive deodorant – also created the powerfully inspiring campaign that demonstrates how an everyday utility product like deodorant can revolutionise movement for disabled people.

A Grand Prix at Cannes Lions is one of the highest standards in our industry. But to win one in the Innovation category for a forward-thinking company like Unilever is extra special. At Wunderman Thompson, we love ideas that play within the triangle of technology, creativity and humanity. And Degree Inclusive, the most adaptive deodorant in the world, is a beautiful example of that. We hope that this Grand Prix will help accelerate the adoption of Inclusive Design among brands and agencies everywhere. Because Inclusive Design is just better design for all.

Bas Korsten

Global Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson

Congratulations to our team in Argentina, and everybody involved, on this incredible achievement!

In addition to the Innovation Grand Prix, Degree Inclusive won a Silver Lion in Health & Wellness for OTC Applications - Product Innovation and a Bronze Lion in PR for Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility.

View the work here.

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