Generation Joy

BMW inspires the next generation of leaders
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BMW Generation Joy HERO
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As Early As Five

Race-based hair discrimination can start #AsEarlyAsFive.
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As Early As Five hero
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Speaking In Color

In a world filled with color, how do you find THE ONE?
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Operation Smile Colombia

The Palate Care Dispenser

The first food and medicine dispenser for children with a cleft palate
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Palate care
Institute for Canadian Citizenship

Disparity Coin

Proving once and for all that newcomers are our most valuable asset.
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Missing Stock hero
International Foundation for Reunion
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Missing Stock

Missing people are easier to find when you see them everywhere
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Lux shutup sexism

Shut Up Sexism

Virtual home assistants push back against sexist and abusive insults
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Numbers Syndrome
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Numbers Syndrome

The first dynamic tool in the world that makes people with Down syndrome visible
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Shot of Lifetime Hero
The Washington Lottery

Shot of a Lifetime

Some people hate the shot. A shot at a million dollars though? Not so much.
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9 11 Day Hero
The 9/11 Foundation
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9/11 Day: State of Unitedness

One Good Deed
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Cleopatras Jeans

Cleopatra’s Jeans

Writing history in fashion by tapping into ancient history
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4 Sweetheart
Newell Brands

The Safety Squad

Turning a product innovation into an advertising innovation to protect babies
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Hellmanns Fridge 01

Hellmann's See More in Your Fridge

There’s More In Your Fridge Than You Think
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Hero image Nameless Women

The Nameless Women

Empowering the women of Bangladesh, one name at a time
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Pic 5
Fontenla Group

The Friendly Break Up Collection

A new home furnishing line that breaks up when you do.
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