Throughout the COVID19 pandemic in Ireland, An Post emerged as a champion of Irish brands. The organization and its network kept communities and families connected during what was a very difficult time, and gave relevance back to the sending and receiving of mail. The challenge was to ensure we maintained this positive push for the brand, and helped them in achieving ambitious sales targets during the Christmas period. Although there has been success in halting the decline of written mail in recent years at Christmas time, the continuation of e-substitution across social and smartphone technology has continuously threatened commercial success and brand relevance.


Sending Christmas cards is a true festive tradition in Ireland and around the world. It is something those who celebrate Christmas, have been doing for generations, as the simple but powerful nature of the written word can evoke memories, bring a smile and let someone know you are thinking of them.


In "Make A Memory", we positioned the Christmas card as the special link connecting a grandfather, his son and his granddaughter. Acting as the catalyst, the card triggers a happy memory and brings the family together to unite the traditions of past and present.


The campaign launched in mid November, and we are awaiting updated commercial results.
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