An Post’s first to market Green Hub supports consumers on their path to more sustainable living. It offers customers the necessary knowledge and enables them to create a warmer, more comfortable home, whilst offering the cheapest and most efficient way to do it. However, whilst our audience is generally concerned with and want to make positive changes to help the environment, the sense of urgency and willingness to put themselves out to achieve this is low. The ‘climate change’ message is too far into the future for consumers, who aren’t fully aware of what they can do, how they can do it and what the impact of these changes could be.


Consumers already have a sustainability mindset. But when it comes to making big and expensive investments in more sustainable living (such as buying an e-vehicle or retro-fitting your home), there is always a valid reason for consumers to put it on the long finger and it often feels out of reach, right now. With The Green Hub from An Post, living a more sustainable life isn’t out of reach, it’s not a lofty notion and can make a real financial and environmental difference. With support from An Post’s green Hub sustainable living becomes manageable, and therefore achievable.


With our campaign, we wanted to tackle any perceived barriers to more sustainable living head on and debunk them, doing this in a uniquely charming way. With the ‘The easier way to enjoy greener living’ campaign, we wanted to ask the difficult questions people currently ask when making sustainable changes to their home, and answer them. Our ad features a mother and child, the mother is looking at the Green Hub and telling her son about the benefits – in this way the TVC is told through the eyes of a child, explaining the product and perceived barriers in a fun but functional way. The Green hub is featured throughout in a wondrous and charming ad that explores the magic of a child’s imagination.


'The Easier Way to Enjoy Greener Living' successfully launched An Post's Green Hub onto the Green Loans market and positions the Hub as a hassle-free and easy way to make Green Home upgrades, in an affordable way.

An Post's Green Hub

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