Sanitary towel consumers in Spain tend to view all sanitary towels as the same, and this can be an obstacle when you have the most premium product on the market. This was the dilemma Evax was facing for its relaunch of Evax Liberty, which added benefits such as odour neutralization to what was already the brand’s most advanced sanitary towel. So, when we received the brief for the campaign, we decided not to sell it as just another sanitary towel, but as its own category, placing all of the emphasis on communicating the product’s superiority.


It was clear to us that we had to convey this superiority through a clear and direct speech. The challenge was to translate the new advantages of Evax Liberty into a highly visual language that was consistent and coherent with the brand’s communications. And we found our inspiration in the design of the new pack, converting its illustrations into an animated kaleidoscope that multiplied the elements that we saw on screen.


We decided to use the characteristic repetitions of a kaleidoscope to present the concept “The most”. We also applied the multiplication effect to the protagonist of the ad, in order to reflect the confidence that comes from feeling good, clean, and fresh, as well as to the product demo, to enhance its triple benefit of absorption, adaptability, and odour neutralization. We even applied it to the piece’s core message, to communicate the superiority of Evax Liberty: a very, very different sanitary towel to the rest.


The campaign achieved the best pre-test results in Evax’s history, with scores well above the mean on all variables analyzed. It transmitted strategic benefits such as confidence and freedom, as well as functional ones in the form of cleanness and freshness through a visual style easily associated with the brand. In business terms, a national increase in sales was recorded, reaching +7% over the first six months following its launch.


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