Many decision makers in Government, the Food Industry and Business don’t understand the link between food waste and climate change. FoodCloud is famous for being a food bank rather than a leader in sustainability. We needed to show how this brand's vision of eradicating food waste is one of the simplest ways for Ireland and the rest of the world to not just feed those in need but to fight climate change.


Inspiration was drawn from the realisation that people do not equate food waste with serious environmental issues such as global warming. We needed to marry these two worlds together in a way that really caught people’s attention, both logically and emotionally. Key to making this link credible was the fact that food waste contributes 4 times more carbon emissions than the entire aviation industry.


‘Food waste hurts our planet’ is our idea. And within it we show how our actions with our food waste directly impact on the planet and those who inhabit it. It’s an alarming fact and visually designed to get people to act, in the knowledge that FoodCloud are tackling this problem headfirst.


The compelling campaign which ran across six key business publications and across social media generated unprecedented engagement on all of Foodclouds channels, and has been highlighted at an EU level by both the European FoodBanking Network (FEBA) and the EU’s Platform on Food Loss and Waste, both of whom FoodCloud is a member.

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