During the past years, Maxibon had followed different paths in its main European markets: Italy and Spain, particularly when it came to awareness and consistency. In Spain, Maxibon was being established as a leading brand that needed to consolidate its positioning as a love brand in the category. While in Italy, it had become an indistinguishable brand from the competition, with low levels of awareness and far connected with youngsters. With a view to the summer of 2021, the challenge was to develop a campaign and strategy specific to each of these markets, but coherent and consistent with the “Made to be unique” global brand platform.


Faced with this challenge, we needed to focus on the uniqueness of the brand from two different perspectives. In Spain, we opted for a strategy arising from a deep comprehension of the needs and contradictions of the target, particularly the contrast between their “real selves” and their “digital selves”, understanding and espousing that there is only one “self” that unites the two worlds. In Italy, it was decided to concentrate on the product, breaking all the categories codes, and differentiating Maxibon in a clear-cut and impactful way by creating a completely new, authentic, and, of course, unique world.


“I’m myself, not my selfie” was born as a celebration to all those young people who are themselves, free of complexes, in a world that tends to equate them. A verbalization arises from the integration of the two worlds. An insight that helps us to demonstrate an attitude, a viewpoint in the face of others that is a tone in itself. Meanwhile, in Italy we brought to life a combination of the real world and 3D animation, placing the ice cream front and center while at the same time rediscovering our unconventional communication spirit in order to transfer it to a fresh and renovated brand image.


With “I’m myself, not my selfie”, we achieved an increase in both spontaneous brand awareness and TOM, which were above average and exceeded our initial expectations: +10 points in spontaneous awareness. Awareness of the campaign grew compared to the previous year’s campaign, 14 points above in 2019 despite the lower media investment. In Italy, Maxibon became the second best-selling ice cream in the country, leading growth in the category thanks to young people, whose purchasing index grew by an impressive 25%. The campaign achieved unprecedented scores for awareness, differentiation, and connection with the target.

Maxibon ITA Berry Sanctuary
Maxibon ITA Excalibur
Maxibon ITA Original Sin

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