In Taiwan, child fatalities caused by abuse are on the rise and a child is abused every 32 minutes. During the holidays the situation gets worse – when parents spend more time with their children over the holidays, it becomes easier for them to lose patience and take it out on their children.


The shape of a Christmas tree looks like soundwaves.


We collected the soundwaves of abused children and transformed them into a unique Christmas tree – which we set up at the Taipei Main Station to been seen by the many people who pass through during the holidays. Passersby were inspired to take photos of the tree, and when they did you could hear the soundwaves of abused children calling for help.


The responses on social media were remarkable, and celebrities who participated in the event lent their voices to bring attention to the issue. With no media budget we received 15% more calls than the previous year, showing how people were growing more concerned about abused children.


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