For Decathlon, the future of retail commerce is about the relations that the brand is capable of striking up with its consumers, even ranking ahead of technology. Based on this premise, we were tasked with creating a truly interactive experience between users, athletes, and its stores, by generating a live dialogue in a digital environment but always connected with the physical stores.


In the medium term, differentiation in the retail sector is achieved through businesses’ ability to offer a more emotional brand experience, something that entails continuous interaction with consumers. And in this case, in order for this to work, it was essential to involve Decathlon’s specialist staff.


We needed a new website experience concept that would connect users with Decathlon’s staff, boosting content creation both by employees and customers in their role as sportsmen and women. This would cultivate a relationship of equals between them premised on the sport. To achieve this, it was crucial to make the most of real-time solutions by recreating the feel of personal interaction, strengthening bonds on social media, and using geolocation options and a common CMS for users and employees, which would give greater impetus to the creation and uploading of content.


The great challenge proposed by Decathlon was to create a connection between brand and users. A community that was a meeting place where they could enjoy sports even when they were not practicing.

Caso Decathlon SUPERS LOC castellano

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