Cleft palate pathologies are common in families with basic income levels, and their condition makes these babies more susceptible to ear infections, colds and fever, and makes feeding and giving medications more difficult.

To treat these symptoms, parents need to cover the baby’s palate so no fluid passes into the respiratory tract – a risk that can endanger babies by getting fluid in their lungs that can lead to drowning or even premature death if the hole in their palate is not properly covered.


Around the world every five minutes, a child is born with cleft lip or cleft palate – a condition that makes them vulnerable to infections and severe diseases. It was time for a universal solution to this global problem.


We partnered with Operation Smile Colombia to create a syringe-type dispenser designed to cover the baby’s palate and allow for normal intake of medication. Made of surgical silicone, the dispenser is soft and flexible and adapts to the natural curvature of the mouth, a design that also avoids vomiting reflex. We can deliver the Palate Care Dispenser to all Operation Smile projects in the most remote and underserved places in Colombia.


This device is helping thousands of families around the world. The design for the dispenser is open source through where families can download the blueprint to 3D print it for free.


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