While we have all been trying to live normal lives throughout the pandemic, technology has brought us as close to normal as we could get. Reliance on our mobile and broadband connections has grown exponential amounts in an effort to work, play and stay in touch with loved ones.

To consumers, mobile providers are seen as all the same, only differentiated by price. As Ireland’s best performing mobile network and largest fibre broadband network, Vodafone wanted to show consumers that not all providers are created equal, protect its position as Ireland’s number 1 mobile provider and drive brand consideration.


The pandemic shone a light on the resilience of individuals and their ability to persevere, especially when it comes to making sure children continue to learn and grow. We were inspired by this spirit and saw it as an opportunity to show the potential of what’s possible when brilliant connectivity meets determination.


Music Lessons’ celebrates the strength and performance of Vodafone’s network in keeping Ireland connected and powering children’s desire to learn, in spite of the pandemic.

Folk Wunderman Thompson Vodafone Music Lessons

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