Pony Malta

Gana con Clase

Inspiring kids to achieve their best in school
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Banner winning with class
Compañía Nacional de Chocolates

Album Jet

Launching Colombia’s most iconic album co-created by Centennials
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Bad Bunny x adidas originals

adidas Originals Forum Baby Blue Edition
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Operation Smile Colombia

The Palate Care Dispenser

The first food and medicine dispenser for children with a cleft palate
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Palate care
Missing Stock hero
International Foundation for Reunion
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Missing Stock

Missing people are easier to find when you see them everywhere
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WaterLight at night
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The Clean Energy Revolution Is Here

WaterLight is a revolutionary device that transforms salt water into life-changing electrical power for millions
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four people with Down Syndrom for a health campaign in Colombia
Corporación Colombiana Síndrome de Down

Up Syndrome

Changing a single word can change everything.
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Wunderman Thompson WORK Theraflu Tracker Cover
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Theraflu Tracker

The best way to avoid the flu is by predicting it.
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