Decoding web3 and the metaverse

What is web3? Simply put, it is a decentralized, blockchain-based internet. It is also being touted as the next iteration of the internet - one that will enable a seamless fusion of virtual and physical life.

The metaverse, meanwhile, is the collection of digital experiences and interfaces that will be supported by web3. At its most basic level, the metaverse is an extension of our lives enhanced by technology. Currently, it exists as a series of distinct virtual worlds - think Fortnite’s concert series, Vans World in Roblox, or Horizon Workrooms by Meta. In the future, however, the metaverse will expand into an interconnected and limitless world where our digital and physical lives fully converge.

Web3 market size

Transforming the consumer experience

As Web3 matures, it will transform how consumers engage digitally - with brands and with each other. To help brands navigate this cutting-edge digital landscape, Wunderman Thompson has created POSSIBLE Worldwide, a new Web3 consultancy service.

Blending Wunderman Thompson’s expertise in the end-to-end consumer experience with its unrivalled consumer insight, POSSIBLE Worldwide has been specially created to give you a deep understanding of the metaverse and web3, provide actionable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by your brand in your sector, and develop bespoke web3 strategy conception and delivery.

As the first agency to release an in-depth analysis of the Metaverse, the first agency to launch its own Virtual World, and one of the first agencies to help our clients launch a blockchain based loyalty program, Wunderman Thompson is a proven metaverse and web3 pioneer.

We’ve helped the world’s biggest brands develop web3 strategies, take their first step into the metaverse and experiment with NFTs. Sitting at the forefront of research, intelligence and thought leadership in the metaverse and web3 technologies, there is no one better positioned to guide you into the next era of digital branding.

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