As the world’s largest social study on inspiration, “Inspire Infocus” is a definitive source to better understand the role brands can play in culture and evolving audience receptivity - unveiling the types of mindsets, experiences, ideas and things that elicit change in people’s lives. Conducting 16,000 validation surveys globally that directly connect to consumer data via GroupM’s Choreograph and LiveRamp third-party data assets, the team has also led and analyzed more than 55 qualitative interviews. Our analysis clearly maps the psychological link between fundamental human value systems and individual inspiration propensities and reveals six actionable inspiration mindsets that hold true across all regions globally. Unlike other segmentations that largely rely on demographics, our tool presents mindsets that influence receptivity to content as well as cultural influences which guide not only our perception of the world but shape our behavior. The Inspire Infocus segmentation empower brands to close the gap between theoretical insights and actionable differentiated data.

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Global Snapshot

We see clear distinction in value systems, unconscious desires, and inspiration preferences among mindsets, with differing propensities by region. We have also evaluated how these emotional needs manifest in our external world and how brands can tap into more inspirational experiences. We examined how particular external sources or “inspiration triggers” can compel a person to see the world differently. These triggers have different propensities across cultures, from the types of stories, people, social influencers, media, and even the jobs they gravitate toward. Upon analyzing inspirational stimuli and the correlated motivations that ignited receptivity, we identified six segments with unique personal priorities related to what matters to them in life.

Creators 3840 x 2160

Creators (17%)

Eager to be in the vanguard of change, Creators are inspired by innovative and technological progress that sparks innovative ideas that they can bring to fruition. These confident self-starters are thirsty for inspiration.

Nurturers 3840 x 2160

Nurturers (28%)

Selfless and cooperative, Nurturers are motivated by family bonds, relationships and a sense of belonging. They aspire to set a good example by helping others and are inspired by ordinary people who persevere despite all odds.

Advocates 3840 x 2160

Advocates (21%)

Socially conscious with an activist spirit, Advocates are driven by egalitarian ideals that promote the well-being of people and planet. They are most inspired by charismatic figures and political leaders who share their values and expect an equal sense of responsibility from others, including brands.

Indulgers 3840 x 2160

Indulgers (14%)

Extroverted and outgoing, Indulgers work hard and play hard. They are motivated by pleasure, gratification and social acceptance. They are inspired by celebrities, famous athletes and social media influencers.

Guardians 3840 x 2160

Guardians (8%)

Protective of their heritage, Guardians celebrate time-honored traditions and channel an optimistic approach to life. Seeking life lessons, they are most inspired by religious, historical and political leaders, as well as community elders.

Loyalists 3840 x 2160

Loyalists (12%)

Conservative and security-oriented, Loyalists respect established order and crave structure. Drawn to well-known, trusted sources that they can emulate, they are inspired by people and organizations that are widely regarded as the best at what they do.

Unknown 1

Market Differences

Values are shaped by our life experiences and societal norms. All audiences are inspired by innate human values like security (trust and personal well-being) and benevolence (caring for others) as these needs are more predominantly manifested around the globe as a table-stake desire, which is to be expected as the world emerges from a global pandemic. Interestingly, benevolence is significantly more of an inspiration driver in the U.K as they are inspired by things that make other people’s lives better and increase feelings of closeness. Respondents in China value Hedonism (good life / please seeking) and power above all other markets.

While the foundational psychological model that forms the basis of our analysis looks at a basic phenomenon shared by the human race, these value systems are complex and fluid depending on the context. As a result, the driving motivations and the finer details of the sources and outcomes of inspiration vary regionally due to the differences in the cultures in which they flourish.

Human Values ALL 09

Brand Application

By discerning and capitalizing on what inspires people, brands can identify new, more receptive audiences willing to take in information or ideas, as well as identify new ways to engage with current customers more emotionally. A brand’s insight into consumers’ emotions and motivations enables more meaningful engagement, humanizes the brand, and helps sustain brand equity. With “Inspire Infocus,” businesses can tap into difficult-to-identify, often latent, emotional needs at the moment consumers are actively seeking to make meaningful strides toward personal life goals.

This layer of intelligence helps brands not only to create a more intelligent view of their audience but also to drive differentiation and trust in the market by identifying those with high inspiration receptivity and specific motivations. Ethically and sustainably leveraging data to understand consumers’ innate needs and what inspires them will enable brands to be more resonant in their messaging. It will equip them to meet their audiences with personal and culturally relevant content and to create cohesive experiences. It will help brands to inspire growth, encourage loyalty, enhance engagement and, ultimately, to gain greater mindshare and return on investment.

Key Takeaways

The data clearly demonstrates six global inspiration segments triggered by engrained personal value systems. Each segment represents an important and reachable audience. Understanding these value systems and their relative strength in each market makes more inspiring, effective and compelling audience engagement possible.

We see the way mindset needs manifest in the external world – each segment gravitate towards particular styles, stories, people and imagery. Inspire Infocus enriches audience intelligence to tap into these personal preferences and address more emotional, broader life objectives. Brands can map existing audiences to this data set to not only push beyond functional understanding but to analyze their current brand equity against each mindset’s needs, in order to assess existing areas of strength and identify new targeting opportunities.

Businesses will need to address how they can differentiate among audiences with distinct motivations. They will need to develop tailored audience plans that further tune engagement strategies to influence key audience mindsets by emphasizing personal relevancy and the ways in which their brand is ideally positioned to deliver on those unique needs.

Translate into targetable data signals in 1P or 3P data to isolate more receptive audiences for new initiatives (brand, product, purpose) and further personalize in activation (CRM/Media)

Brands can use this data to introduce new and more inspiring experiences throughout the journey for those that are most receptive. For example, how can brands better engage more aspirational vs. analytical minded audiences? This data can draw tailored tailored emotional needs, triggers and barriers to introduce greater “empathy” or a “more human” understanding of the audience. Brands need to connect their data, analytics and research teams to bring this to life and connect to consumers’ motivations.

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