The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has served the people of Afghanistan for 30 years. And it’s not stopping now. The NGO remains operational across the country, but urgently needed people to donate and support its cause.


55% of people who engage with non-profits on social media take some sort of action. 59% of them donate money. And in the face of this humanitarian crisis, these are the people who could be encouraged and convinced to donate.


To generate much-needed support for the organisation, we created a data-led film, ‘React For Real’. Inspired by the timeless expression, ‘If I had a dollar for every time…’, the film demonstrates the potential monetary value of people’s reactions on social media.

To do this, we conducted an intensive data analysis of social media reactions as well as research on real-time needs in Afghanistan for ICRC.

Wunderman Thompson Dubai worked together with teams in Sydney, Seattle, London, and New York to bring this global ICRC film to life.


The film has been launched across 17 countries in 3 languages recently.

ICRC Afghan Agency

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