United sought to inspire greater loyalty through more personalized communications. They needed to do this at scale, while significantly reducing costs.


In order to be relevant, their loyalty program had to be adaptable and had to mold to the varying needs and interests of different customer bases.


MSC partnered with United to deploy an “always-on loyalty” operating platform. This incorporated component-based creative with dynamic design and messaging. Processes were optimized and automated where possible. The loyalty platform now leverages user data to create relevant and meaningful messages. We create tens of thousands of versions annually across channels, tailored specifically to each user and their traveling behavior.


Campaign effectiveness has increased by 30%, work can be produced 40% faster and the platform runs at 50% of the cost while maintaining a strong creative impact and high quality.

United trusted us to build their first centralized global creative team to support all marketing and sales business units with the goal of building one consistent global brand.


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