Newell Brands

The Safety Squad

Turning a product innovation into an advertising innovation to protect babies
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4 Sweetheart

The Nameless Women

Empowering the women of Bangladesh, one name at a time
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Hero image Nameless Women
Fontenla Group

The Friendly Break Up Collection

A new home furnishing line that breaks up when you do.
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Pic 5
Hat Awards

The Trainee

A rewards app vows to safeguard all members' privilege
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Wunderman Thompson Thailand WORK The Trainee Thumbnail
Microsoft Teams image 55
Hat Awards

This is Ridiculous

Ridiculously late. Ridiculously good
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IKEA Small Space Collection
Hat Awards

Fits Anywhere Radio Catalogue

A series of short radio ads to demonstrate Ikea’s Small Space Value Collection
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WT Thailand Tiktok Songkran Stranger Thumbnail
Tik Tok
Hat Awards

Songkran Stranger

The first TikTok interactive Film
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Lost Daughters Hero
Sanlaap India
Hat Awards

The Lost Daughters

Reuniting ‘The Lost Daughters’ of India with their families
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Hidden Truth WT com HERO new
VIDYA - Integrated development for youth and adults
Hat Awards

Hidden Truth

A lockdown truth that remained in the shadows until we threw light on it to bring out the Hidden Truth
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ICS Header
Irish Cancer Society

Irish Cancer Society

'The day we take back from cancer'
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Kit Kat Valentine hero for WT com

Love Break

Share a special break with millions of unique KitKat love breaks packs.
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Wunderman Thompson


A collection of NFT Christmas presents for our partners
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The Birds and the Bees Interior2
United Nations Development Programme

The Birds and The Bees

And the facts of saving life
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Shopcakes Hero Kopie


A tiny cake that prevents hunger-fuelled impulse shopping, for less food waste.
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Todo mundo tem peito 2
Avon Institute

Everyone Has Breasts. Take Care of Yours

Emphasizing the importance of early breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment
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