Image of a woman hanging socks to dry with a purple sky

Dipa Thanki

“Celebrating the quiet strength of these very individual women, even when forced back into a domestic space.“

Meet Dipa

Dipa thanki

Born in North London in the late 80s, she spent her teenage years growing up with her mum, brother & sister, a diverse group of friends and not to mention the entire Hindu community from the south coast of England, which kept her connected to many different worlds.

She've always enjoyed the arts and after graduating from Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University she was given opportunities to work for fashion brands and creative agencies such as Topshop, Burberry, Ted Baker & Wunderman Thompson. Each role giving her the chance and confidence to grow within her career.

She is now enjoying working as digital designer for The Guardian, where the projects she works on affect the fabric of our culture; this is something she really value as a designer.

Art by Dipa

Image of a woman hanging socks to dry with a purple sky

She started this series last spring as a pick me up for some close friends who were all experiencing their own versions of the pandemic; be it living by themselves, quarantining whilst pregnant, stuck away from family on the other side of the world or simply, just hanging their socks out to dry.

Having to be confined between these four walls was a strange adjustment for so many of us. Rather than being sidelined back into the ’traditional’ domestic roles, she've shown these women embracing and celebrating their fun and personal spaces.

See more of Dipa's work on her Instagram: @dipadipa_draws

Dipa has donated this piece of art available for you to download and set as your videoconference background

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Dipa has donated a piece of her art in support of Hestia. Hestia supports adults and children across London and the surrounding regions in times of crisis. Your donations could help a mother living in a domestic abuse refuge safely home school her child or provide a much needed weekly shopping booster.

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