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Emilie Muggleton

“My work is fun, light-hearted, bold and colourful, which reflects the way I like to present myself and my own ideas of female empowerment”

Meet Emilie

Emilie Muggleton

Emilie Muggleton is an illustrator based in the sunny seaside town of Leigh-on-sea, UK. She graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in June 2018 with a 2:1 in illustration. She is a passionate vegan activist, cat lover, and 70s music enthusiast, and these themes are strongly represented throughout her work.

Art by Emilie

60's poster with gogo boots in the air and the text 'there's a fire within my soul'

She creates a variety of illustrated products over a wide range of themes. Her inspiration includes nature, animals, fashion, and bright colours / patterns. She tries to create art that she would want up in her own home – pieces that are playful, easy on the eye and can match any room or décor theme. The simple, fun nature of her work often makes it well suited to gifting, and she loves the idea that she can spread joy through people gifting her art and greetings cards to their loved ones. On top of this, she loves to create custom work for clients, such as pet portraits and baby name prints, which make fabulous personalised gifts.

See more of Emilie's work on her Instagram: @emiliedrawsthings

Emilie has donated this piece of art available for you to download and set as your videoconference background

Download the background

Emilie has donated a piece of her art in support of Hestia. Hestia supports adults and children across London and the surrounding regions in times of crisis. Your donations could help a mother living in a domestic abuse refuge safely home school her child or provide a much needed weekly shopping booster.

Poster with cat in noodles stuck to wall with Japanese writing.
A print with British wild flowers stuck to a wall.
Framed illustration of hands holding the solar system