Wunderman Thompson and Wunderman Thompson MSC Prague are the twin beating hearts of digital marketing in the center of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Specializing in CRM, marketing technology and delivery at scale, we redefine market landscapes for some of the biggest brands in the world. Our consultancy services, omnichannel brand communications and fluid customer experiences bring clients’ dreams seamlessly into new realities. We are the largest agency in the Czech Republic, and our mission is to inspire growth for ambitious brands.

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We inspire brands to deliver the experiences modern consumers demand. Through creatives you can feel and tailored tech to reach every touchpoint, growth becomes the natural consequence of being your customers’ preferred brand.

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Building on profound customer data expertise, we provide long-term strategy and execution to create a community of brand advocates by offering personalized community benefits and rewards leading to higher profitability.

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We design, build, manage, and run complex technology ecosystems that give brands the capabilities to fuel growth. With customers at heart, we help brands to provide more personalized, automated, and instant experiences.

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DCO connects you to all your customers, whoever, wherever, whenever, and however they are. With automated personalization of ad creatives that target customer microsegments and evolve based on behavior, you can have the conversations your customers want to have.

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WPP Prague Campus

We're moving under one roof together! The renovated Prague Electricity Company building will be the new home for Wunderman Thompson and all WPP agencies in Prague

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Retail Summit 2021

Join our CEO, Bronislav Kvasnicka, and special guests at Retail Summit 2021 to discover how brands are adapting to a new era of marketing and consumer behavior

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CX vizualizace

Check your CX Fit Score

Ready to deliver better customer experiences than the competition? Take our free online test and find out your CX Fit Score

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Brand Management

Come and discover how inspiration drives growth at the largest brand conference in the Czech Republic! Plus, find out which brands are the most inspirational right now!

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