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In recent years, consumers have become more wary of where and how they purchase in an effort to be more sustainable and ethical. And, perhaps, the recent increased attention on the improvement of our planet’s health owing to worldwide lockdowns has encouraged this further.

But we also can't ignore that the way consumers purchase has changed (and, perhaps, for good), due to the same lockdowns that have helped heal our ecosystems. Consumers have been encouraged to purchase necessities online, while physical stores have been forced to temporarily, and in some cases permanently, shut their doors. This is likely to have caused a major setback to ‘ethical consumerism’.

We explore the importance of sustainability and ethics on the modern-day consumer, in the wake of COVID-19.

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Has Covid-19 delivered a big disservice to ethical consumerism? Our findings suggest not!

From an environmental and ethical standpoint, online deliveries have a great impact

While customers clearly aim to shop sustainably, consumer responses around delivery are a little more ambiguous.

Do consumers believe Amazon to be sustainable and ethical enough not to choose another retailer or brand in their place?

It looks like our consumers don’t have an issue with how environmentally friendly and ethical Amazon is, or, at least, it’s not enough of an issue for consumers to choose a different retailer over the famous marketplace.

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