Now in its fourth year, our Future Shopper Report seeks to identify trends in people’s digital-buying behaviours to help influence brand commerce strategies and ensure that organisations are ready to meet the expectations of the consumer and the channels of the future.

This year’s report comes at a time of immense transformation as we all face a world turned upside down by COVID-19. Experts talk of a 'new normal'. Right now, however, it's anything but.

Digital commerce on the up - and up.

Our research went into the field just as the world started to feel the effects of COVID-19. The Future Shopper 2020 gives an initial insight not only into digital commerce shopping habits, but how these habits may change in a future impacted by COVID-19. Throughout this report, we’ve considered not only the data, but also how the global pandemic affects the trends and insights that the data presents.

Irrespective of COVID-19, one thing is clear: Digital commerce is on the rise, with two thirds of people planning to use digital shopping channels even more in future.

The Future Shopper 2020 surveyed over 16,000 online consumers across the UK, USA, China, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

Inspiring the online journey

Amazon, search engines, and retail sites are high up the list when it comes to inspiration. Consumers' desire for ease and convenience means they want a fast sales process online. They are getting this by going straight to the likes of Amazon for inspiration.

Could COVID-19 contribute to Amazon becoming even more influential over inspiration as it continues to operate almost unchanged through the outbreak?

We asked Where do you look for inspiration to buy products?

Owning the first digital mile

Amazon and the search engines have this initial stage of the online customer journey sewn up.

Retailers and brands must work harder to influence the purchase process and develop direct relationships with customers online.

We asked When buying online where do you start searching for your products?

Are eco-conscious companies set to clean up?

Sustainability and the environment are playing a bigger role in influencing consumer choices as younger, more socially conscious shoppers enter the market.

We asked Do consumers consider sustainability when they shop online?

The all important purchase decision

Price is certainly important, but is it the "be all and end all"?

In this COVID-19 affected world will we see other factors increase in importance?

We asked What drives customers to transact online?

Direct-to-Consumer brands face challenges

Brands must offer better products and experience than their marketplace or retailer competition, to encourage consumers to come direct.

It also backs up the theory that brands must effectively operate across all channels via a balanced commerce strategy

We asked What would encourage consumers to buy directly from brands' sites?

What Amazon Can't Do

La domination croissante d'Amazon est un défi. En ces temps de challenge, les marques et les distributeurs doivent se concentrer sur les lacunes d'Amazon pour créer de la valeur.

Ne pas agir rapidement pourrait signifier l'acquisition de nouveaux clients pour Amazon.

Nous avons demandé: Pourquoi choisiriez-vous un autre distributeur qu'Amazon?

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