Who's In the Fridge?

Only the Hamm and Brie Super Panini could take over the Super Bowl
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Pete Select 4
Haleon Global

Pollution Capture Pencils

Turning air pollution into an instrument of change for India’s school children.
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Student Holding Pollution Capture Pencil Smiling
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El Camino del Giga

Empoderar a los usuarios para que puedan gestionar sus gigas libremente, porque solo con Movistar pueden guardarlos, compartirlos, usarlos como quieran.
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Camino Giga
Pony Malta

Gana con Clase

Gana con Clase
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Banner winning with class
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Compañía Nacional de Chocolates

Album Jet

Launching Colombia’s most iconic album co-created by Centennials
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Netflix's Heart Beats Tuntum

When Netflix sponsored Tuntum, a 4th division team from the outskirts of Brazil
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Toys for Tots KV
United States Marine Corps

Anyone Can Be Santa

Marine Corps Toys for Tots program promotes holiday giving
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Fanta Orange Moon 1536x864

Fanta Moon

Fanta turns the moon into the World's Largest Vending Machine
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Avon 02
Avon Institute

Speak Up, Ângela

Avon Institute launches chatbot voice to combat violence against women
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Board Monster Chef

Monster Chef - Unreality show

El primer unreality show en Twitch
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Follkwt work an post christmas 2022 v5
An Post

An Post: Send From the Heart

Inspiring the nation to send love at Christmas
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Wakanda Sprite
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The Hall of Zero Limits

Sprite Zero Sugar Opens a Portal to Wakanda in the Metaverse
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Smallpox Simulator hero
Meridian Medical Technologies

Smallpox Simulator

The tool, created for Meridian, maps how potential outbreaks might occur throughout the world.
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MRCO0302000 H USMC Shifting Threats 60 20221026 HD no crop web Pro Res 1 00 08 09
United States Marine Corps

Shifting Threats

Our Nation’s best weapon is the adaptable skillset of Marines who fight and win.
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Impersonation render single frame hq

Meet the Faces of Fraud

AI helps reveal scam tactics of real fraudsters in ground-breaking fraud prevention campaign for HSBC
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