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Born This Way

The #IStandForCaster campaign for Lux inspires a woman’s right to run free
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Degree Inclusive

Degree introduces the world's first adaptive deodorant built with a diverse disability community
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World Wildlife Fund

Nature Is Calling For Help

Real recordings of Australian birds lead the fight against global deforestation
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WWF NATURE 1920 X1080
Thai Airways

Destination Menu

Bringing the taste of travel to millions of locked down households
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Destination Menu hero
Comic Odyssey

Suits for Heroes

Fundraising for personal protective equipment for Filipino health workers
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Suits for Heros hero image
Saudi Telecom Company

The man who couldn’t handle his handle

A case of mistaken identity became a docutainment hit
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Shell India

Great Things Happen When We Move

Shell India celebrates and inspires India’s dreamers
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Friend With (Other) Benefits

Now you can find "Friend With (Other) Benefits" on Tinder
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Sony Music Argentina & INCUCAI

Por tus ojos

Una experiencia móvil única que busca inspirar las donaciones para el trasplante de córneas.
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Por tus ojos 1
Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

La Receta Sin Fin

Eliminando el desperdicio de alimentos donde nacen muchas comidas
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Receta sin fin

Alphabet - Open for Better

‘Open For Better’ campaign features new packaging to create positive messages and share them with the world
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Coke new hero

Somos nuestra peor amenaza

Una campaña para concientizar sobre el daño ambiental que causamos los seres humanos.
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Alaska 84x50 ingles 300dpi rgb METEORITO

The Hidden Pandemic

Vodafone Ireland Foundation & Women’s Aid raise awareness of the domestic abuse pandemic with a powerful campaign
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Domestic abuse the hidden pandemic folkwt

Wacoal ‘Ready-To-Go Uniforms’ inspire Thai girls to challenge tradition

Wunderman Thompson Bangkok campaign features edgy new uniforms for life in and out of school.
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This Is My Color

Avon steps up the fight against racism
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