After the global outbreak, confinement in our homes had gradually intergrated in our lives. The digital world was luring all consumers away from brands, and the youth of today were uniterested in their products. Vodafone needed to stake its claim in an overly saturated mobile data market, and convince a consumer, who was in total control of their digital lives, to believe in a product they can provide.


Vodafone had to focus on their interests. The consumer lacked any loyalty to a certain platform, and consistently hopped from one platform to another, while having a short span of interchangeable interests and trends. So, in order to adapt to that trend, Vodafone introduced its one of a kind data tarrif, Vodafone Plus, an up to speed platform that provides customizable bundles based on interests.


In order to fully relate to the consumer, and pique their interests, the communication strategy had to follow that of its platform. To do so, Vodafone focused heavily on breaking the wall between the offline and online worlds, using the latest trends and popularized social figures to communicate their offerings in a way only the Youth would understand. In parallel, Vodafone ensured that their portfolio of offered platforms was constantly up to date, depending on what was blowing up at the time.


This strategy is still in use until today, utilziing figures such as Cairokee, Tameem Younnes, Marwan Pablo, Khaled Mokhtar, and many more. Utilizing this strategy has not only boosted the product market share overall, but has garnered huge strides in the consumer having an emotional connection with the brand itself.

Vodafone Plus Bing Until You Drop

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