Chiclets was facing a new market competitor Marabella - a local player that had bubblegum at the heart of its brand while it was non-existent in Chiclets' portfolio.

Amid the battle between gum brands, the pandemic hit causing the global gum market to drop by 14% in 2020, reflecting a 7.4% drop in the Egyptian market.

Lockdowns kept young consumers away from schools and supermarket. So, overnight, the Chiclets business was at a major stake especially in a country where gum is a treated as nothing but an impulse purchase - getting a pack Instead of change is simply an ancient purchasing habit.


Young consumers dialed up their snappy funny content to become a new way of living.

The young Egyptians, the most expressive generation of today who have their own lingo - making memes and stickers of anything and everything. During social distancing, our bored tweens/teens went for creating silly content, not only as a new form of expression, but also as a new way of living that makes up for the fun that has been taken away. It was only natural that Egyptian Z’s turned to TikTok, to create the funniest content ranking the app as the most downloaded in Egypt.


Connecting with the young consumers during social distancing had to come through putting our audience's entertainment above all by offering a different kind of fun experience; An exciting new bubblegum line - Chiclets Boom, a trending platform, social content guru, and the key to creating booming content.

We launched a film featuring two teenage cast creating their own song in an effort to go viral. Provoking Gen Z to create their own virality. Featuring Khaled Mokhtar - Egypt’s content guru, as the voice within that guide the boys towards a piece of content that would score, revealing Chiclets Boom as his source of inspiration.


Chiclets Boom had managed to successfully re-shape the gum shopping experience by creating a need for an otherwise Impulse bought product, even if that need state comes from the simple desire to have fun. As a result, the campaign contributed to a 2.5% growth for the total gum category during a challenging market drop.

Chiclets Boom bubble gum results were a net revenue over-achieved by 37%. And a 7% share gain from the bubblegum category over the brief period of 3 Months only.

Our ‘How To Create Real Booming Content” with Chiclets Boom achieved a completion rate of 98% on Youtube and an engagement rate of 7%. On Tiktok hero platform, the hashtag trended scoring 1.3 BILLION views from our engaged audience.

Chiclets Case V01

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