When you are one of the world's largest banks, with around 230,000 staff in 67 countries and territories, messages can get lost in translation. So how do you communicate effectively? Particularly when you are dealing with information that is evolving as quickly as technology.

The challenge was to create a global platform that could embed a digital culture within the bank. It would need to bring together content from numerous SharePoint sites, internal newsletters and emails that accumulate worldwide, into one efficient platform to be accessed by people all over the world.


A platform - accessible to all - from the Relationship Manager who wants to keep abreast of current trend for clients, to back office staff, looking to understand the buzzwords they hear in the news.


The platform itself consists of three key features:

  • BlbiloTech - A curated library of information with up to 100 pieces of fresh content a week, quizzes and gamification to encourage interaction
  • Timeline - An interactive 3D timeline of HSBC's digitalisation journey. This can be anything from announcements to digital product launches to collaboration stories.
  • Digital Events - Identifying global digital events, both internal and external, for colleagues to attend

It was evident from early on that a key success driver for this platform would be the quality of the content. Workshops, surveys and feedback sessions were held to define the key features and content as the site was being built. These sessions involved employees from around the world with a ranging level of seniority and knowledge on the technology. Not only did these sessions outline the vision but also aided in aligning formerly siloed stakeholders and encouraging them to become active advocates of the project.

A team of 10 people, including creatives and internal HSBC digital champions worked on the solution for 10 months. During this time, they were faced with complex challenges around infrastructure and compliance that are typical of the sector and magnified at this kind of scale.


DigitalDownload outperformed even the most optimistic initial targets. It has been incredibly successful in engaging audiences across the world.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 25,000 unique users, exceeding an initial target of 10% of the banks staff
  • More than 170,000 page views
  • Over 60% of returning users within a typical week
  • More than 2,000 subscribers to the weekly newsletter
HSBC Digital Download
screen of HSBC website

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