In an inflation-hit category, most Real estate developers adopted heavy-pocketed, celebrity dominated, hard-sell strategies, advertising payment facilitations and discounts. Marketing efforts were essentially selling ‘houses’ instead of ‘homes’, struggling to earn differentiated interest and necessary leads, as consumers quickly became desensitized towards the overused hard-sell approach. To be in consumers’ consideration set when they regain their purchase power, Mountain View, an established real estate brand, needed to create a remarkable campaign that would capture the true essence of life at Mountain View, only 10 days left for Ramadan, and with the least budget against heavy-pocketed category giants.


Following the science of gathering data we asked people the most typical question a developer could ask through influencer-driven pages and profiles:

“What is your best view?”

Most data points were of breathtaking photos of indescribable sceneries from the views of people’s homes, because naturally that is what they have been sold by almost all real estate brands their entire lives. However, very few others sent photos of their families and loved ones telling us that’s their best view.

This minority data point happened to go perfectly in line with our brand purpose ‘a home’s key to happiness is its people’ and inspired an entirely different positioning to category norms.


Building on the collected people-driven data we had 2 choices; go with the flow of the majority as science tells us and risk being undifferentiated or follow our heart and opt for the minority of data points to uncover a differentiated realm.

We turned the minority of data point into an actionable consumer insight: The best view is family view.

Positioning family as the best view against lagoons, greenery, and golf views etc. became Mountain View’s differentiator. We repurposed the whole real estate ‘view’ narrative into an actionable insight and went to the furthest parts of the world to bring home that very family view to unknowing Mountain View residents by reuniting them with expat family-members for iftar, the symbol of family gatherings in Ramadan.

Turning the physical encounter into a full-scale, all real phyigital experience we were able to cut through with the message of: ‘No matter how beautiful a view is, it’s not complete without its people.

We pivoted away from the category’s traditional communication, where the social media budget is eaten-up by OOH and TV budgets and opted to focus exclusively on social media to achieve the highest reach and engagement.


Our full-scale digital piece of branded content created conversation around Mountain View, evoked consumer emotion driving trust ultimately boosting consumer sentiment. Instead of coming off as promotional, we were able to capture our audience’s attention and position Mountain view as a brand that cares about its customers.

- It became Egypt’s most loved campaign across all categories in Ramadan with a 54% love reaction rate vs a global average of 15.4%.

- Organic leads generated up by 54% within 10 days of launch vs. KPI of 25% (i.e., 29% above target) and 83% increase in incoming messages. Using unit sales as a direct measure to purchase spanning the 10 days in which the effort ran was too fleeting to accurately depict the campaign’s result.

- Mountain View increased positive sentiment with an unprecedented positive interactions and above average interaction rates. 94.27% positive interactions with 3% interaction rate on Facebook (vs. 0.06% benchmark), 97.6% positive interaction with 34.52% interaction rate on Instagram (vs. 0.68% benchmark).

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