After three divisive years the UK parliament finally voted to deliver Boris Johnson's Brexit bill for the UK to leave the European Union. In the run up to this the country had experienced the highest spike in religious and racial hate crimes ever recorded. Leaving minority groups across the country feeling more vulnerable and alone than ever.


In this post Brexit climate, the Home To So Much More campaign builds on HSBC UK’s brand values of being open and connected, examining the concept of home and what it really means at a time when many people and communities in the United Kingdom were questioning whether they belong here at all. The campaign explores the topic of national identity and questions the question ‘Where are you from?’ Is it where your parents were born, where you were born, wherever your heart takes you, or could it be as simple as wherever you feel most at home?


The campaign helped HSBC UK reach their highest ever levels of ad awareness –increasing 15% by week 5 of the campaign (compared to 12.7% the previous year) with a similar amount of spend. This helped move HSBC UK to 3rd place in competitor awareness rankings – a 3 place jump from 6th the year before.

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