With breaks changing a lot in the last 65 years, KitKat wanted to ensure that they meant as much to customers in 2021 as they did to the breakers of 1957, when the famous ‘have a break’ line first appeared. So after launching the 'What a Difference a Break Makes' campaign, the brand wanted to find new ways to engage with people in a way that was relevant and authentic to them.


For a few years, the internet has shared some strong reactions to the more questionable ways people eat KitKats, with lots of passionate opinions shared on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Even Kourtney Kardashian came out to the world in 2016 with her own unique method.

Although the ‘official’ ritual has always been to tear the pack, break off a finger, snap in half, and enjoy it, as the brand chose to stay out of the debate the question only intensified: is it so wrong to actually just: ‘have a bite?’


The campaign finally acknowledged the controversy, putting the iconic brand in the middle of a national conversation. Kicking off the debate were prominent TikTok creators, showing how they have a bite, before the brand added some magical fuel to the fire with a special director’s cut of the brand film that acknowledged it publicly for the first time. The brand continued to test the pulse of the nation with polls, a specially-updated pack design, and public conversations with other brands and celebs.


In the first 48 hours of launch the campaign gained national press including the leading TV morning show, had 4.3 million views organically across TikTok and Instagram, and caught the attention of some very passionate KitKat fans with 70k + votes in a heated twitter debate

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