The year is 2018. The event is the Football World Cup in Russia. Every brand wants to be there. But for brands that are not official sponsors it is not an easy task. How can Paladin, a small ‘Portuguese style’ brand, be heard amongst the giants?


At a time when all the media is looking for content to fill the many hours of airtime dedicated to covering the games, we knew that we needed to tell an original story to capture people’s attention.


Instead of sponsoring the national team, we sponsored Grupo Desportivo e Cultural de Seiça, the champions of the world… of amateur football.

Before and after each game, we launched a video with tips from the amateur champions to the pros, personalized for each opponent and based on Portugal’s previous results. It was a story that few knew and that, in the midst of more of the same about our national team, stood out in the media.


Champion Tips had more than 2 million daily impressions and more than 570,000 views, quickly jumping from Paladin’s Facebook page to the press, radio and TV, with countless reports and interviews from the world champions of amateur football sending their advice to the pros in Russia.

Paladin Dicas Campeao Eficacia

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