With another social distant Ramadan approaching in 2021, how can Vodafone Egypt launch its conflictingly hopeful new promise to a low-spirited and discouraged nation? With a consumer already doubting the brand, it was especially difficult to establish a return full of ambition and optimism.


By utilizing a real Ramadan legend, we showed the power of how together we CAN achieve anything. Enabling the nation to empower Sherihan's return through an unbranded PR campaign; we resurfaced her name into social conversation to which consumers continued to enable and anticipate her comeback.


Empowered by the people, Sherihan returned to retell her story by taking us through an emotional ride of life's lowest to highest moments and how she was able to overcome it all; with that her story lead us through the numerous obstacles she faced, which showcased that through determination and with the empowerment of those around us, together, we can achieve anything.


Our success was bigger than record breaking views, reach and engagement or even the sentiment turn around; it was about being a fearless brand that showed how together people can do the impossible. The success the campaign amassed to, led to an empowered Sherihan, who was able to release a play which she had shot years ago, but never had the courage to show the world. Millions across the nation, as well as the Middle East, were able to relate to the hardships, and realized that while overcoming them is difficult, being together is the ultimate weapon to overcoming all adversities.

Vodafone Reborn Together

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