Many see Parkinson’s as a disease that only affects the elderly, when in fact five Australians under the age of 40 are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every day.


For people with Parkinson’s, there is no escape from their symptoms. Living with the daily challenges that come with Parkinson’s is hard for others to imagine – so we needed Australians to experience first-hand what living with Parkinson’s is like.


We created the first-ever ‘no escape room’ to simulate what life is like for people living with Parkinson’s and invited 15 escape room experts to trial the room – unaware of the meaning behind it. The escape room featured a series of puzzles inspired by everyday tasks like tying a shoelace or pouring a cup of tea. Each puzzle was rigged to simulate how Parkinson’s symptoms impact a person’s ability to complete everyday tasks.

We brought the campaign to life through an interactive digital escape room so others could experience the challenges people with Parkinson’s face and help shift the common misconception that it’s disease of the elderly.

Pakinsons No Escape Room Campaign Film

Experience the interactive digital ‘No-Escape Room’ here.

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